About Us


Deccan Survey Solutions is a firm of registered land surveyors, engineers, and environmental consultants providing nation-wide coverage for projects of all sizes. We specialize in pipelines, gas and oil well locations, unit surveys, construction layouts, topographical boundaries, subdivision design, title and boundary surveys, geodetic control surveys, digitizing, map reproduction and preparation, wetlands delineation etc..

Our staff has many years of experience in the land surveying field, and is dedicated to providing our clients with quality surveys and survey services. In addition to our own extensive records.

Choose us for integrity

We build a strong and long term relationship with our customer, by providing excellent service conforming to international standards in a short span of time.

Known for respect

We provide all sorts of surveying services using our fast and precise methodologies. We use the most advanced surveying instruments and software to conduct our surveys.

Select us for quality

Our motto is to provide high quality, cost effective land survey to our society through Quality of service. Our surveying capabilities are wide ranging.

Love us for ennovation

The Company is informative, friendly and offers great advice to staff and clients. Everything is explained in detail, and you are made to feel like you are part of a family.

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